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Jan 22 2014
IRS Answers Only 61% of Phone Calls!

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The recently released IRS Taxpayer Advocate report disclosed that the IRS only answered 61% of the calls it received during 2013.  This means that 39% of the calls didn't even have a change to get put on hold!!!  But maybe that’s actually a good thing.  The report also indicated the average on hold wait time was 18 minutes before talking to a customer service representative. Having personally experienced “total” hold times of 30-45+ minutes I think the 18 minutes is the “first” hold of the call.  Then the first rep transfers you to rep #2 and you get another 15-20 minutes of hold.  If you don’t accidently get cut-off at that point then the transfer to rep #3 takes another 15-20 minutes.

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